Anthology Planning and Accreditation System

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Anthology Planning Module (entire document updated to Version II May 4, 2020)

Section I:  Introduction including the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and a Discussion of the Planning Types
Section II:  Flowchart of Planning Items and How the Relate to each Other
Section III:  Flowchart of LSU Eunice's Planning Cycle
Section IV:  Login Information
Section V:  The Dashboard
Section VI:  General Information for Editing including Formatting and the use of Acronyms
Section VII:  The Plans Tab including the Organizational Tree, Editing a Vision or Mission, and Automatic Saving
Section VIII:  Editing and Relating an Existing Assessment Plan Goal in the Plans Tab
Section IX:  Editing an Existing Assessment Plan Objective in the Plans Tab
Section X:  Editing and Relating an Existing General Education Objective in the Plans Tab
Section XI:  Adding New Planning Items (Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives)
Section XII:  Permissions

Campus Labs Video from Version I to Version II
Campus Labs Support Page that includes Videos and Articles

Compliance Assist Training - Running Reports (for Divisions, Departments, and Planning Items)


Updated June 24, 2022