LSUE Cares

LSUE is dedicated to the well-being of students and the promotion of a community that cares about its members.  Thank you for making LSUE a safer and healthier campus.

Online Resources and Reporting

Browse the categories below to find the option that most relates to your issue or concern. Each category will provide resources, as well as a link to submit a concern. Students, faculty, staff, family members, and friends can submit reports about themselves or others they're worried about. Our team will review your report and connect you or the person of concern with support and resources. 

When a report is received, the Dean of Students or his/her designee will review the details and then determine the most appropriate response depending on the specifics of the report.  Sexual Misconduct Reports are submitted through EthicsPoint directly to the Title IX Coordinator.

If there is a possibility that a student may harm himself/herself or others, dial 911 immediately.  In the event of an emergency, DO NOT use these forms.


Students talking on campus

Contact Student Affairs

Acadian Center, Room 112
Phone: 337-550-1218

Facing an Emergency?

Go to a safe place and dial 911 or call:
LSUE Police at 337-550-1225
Science Building Room 145


Once you are safe, consider filing a report with the police or submitting a report through LSU Cares below.

Please Select the Category Below that Most Appropriately Addresses the Nature of Your Report

This form is intended for current students to submit to request assistance with a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to housing insecurity, food insecurity, financial instability, academic difficulty, and mental health issues. The Office of Student Affairs provides staff support for the C.A.R.E. Team, an important asset to the LSUE community. By completing this form, you will be sharing information with LSUE staff members who are trained in responding to student needs. 

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Issues or behavior concerning poor or struggling academic performance (e.g. excessive class absences, excessive tardiness, failing or poor grades, etc.), not academic misconduct, are forwarded to the Student Success Center for academic intervention efforts.

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Alleged academic violations include collaboration, collusion, copying, failure to follow course requirements, plagiarism, utilizing unauthorized resources, etc., are examples of issues of academic misconduct that can be reported here.

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Alleged behavioral violations by an individual of the LSUE Code of Student Conduct (e.g. alcohol, disorderly conduct, drugs, failure to comply, theft, vandalism, weapons, etc.) can be reported here.

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Alleged violations of LSU's Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy, including, but not limited to: dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, etc., should be reported here.

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All issues or complaints should first attempt to be resolved directly with the individual or department prior to submitting this report.  Complaints that have not been successfully resolved after attempted resolution can be reported here.  Submitting this report constitutes the submission of a written student complaint. Complaints submitted by any other means are not classified as written student complaints by the University.  The Office of Student Affairs is committed to appropriate resolution of written student complaints in a timely manner.

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Issues or behavior concerning the well-being of a student that are perceived to be harmful, worrisome, or threatening (to the individual student or to others) are forwarded to the C.A.R.E. Team, which will assess, consult, and respond to the concern or incident.

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