Requesting a Transcript

LSUE processes all official transcript requests through a partnership with Parchment. This partnership allows all students, both current and former, to order transcripts 24/7 using Parchment. In addition, all students can now opt to receive transcripts by mail or via secure electronic delivery. This new online platform provides faster service, enhanced delivery options, and greater security of students' academic records. 

Request a transcript with parchment

If you are a currently enrolled student or were enrolled within the past two semesters, you  can access an unofficial transcript from within myLSUE by logging in to myLSUE and visiting the Transcript tab.  An unofficial transcript is a free, unofficial document that provides you with the same information that is found on the Official Transcript.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Although we strive to process requests as soon as possible, please allow up to 2-3 business days to complete your transcript request.  If you have any questions, contact the LSUE Registrar's Office at 337-550-1302.