Online Accessibility

LSUE is committed to maintaining accessible websites, applications and digital assets through collaboration between all faculty, staff, and vendors. In order to ensure equal access to information for all people, digital content providers should be familiar with accessibility standards and principles.

To learn more about online accessibility, review one of the topics outlined below or visit About Online Accessibility at LSUE.


Office of Disability Services
Student Success Center
LeDoux Library, Room 105
P.O. Box 1129
2048 Johnson Highway
Eunice, LA 70535

Online Accessibility Related Policies and Documents

LSUE policy PS 44 – Services for Persons with Disabilities outlines roles and responsibilities of providing and obtaining services for students.  Students can access accommodations regardless of whether they are on campus or at a distance. 

For additional information, please review Online Accessibility Policies and Related Documents.

Accessing Accommodations

Students requiring accommodations should visit the Office of Disability Services. The office is open from 8:00am - 4:30pm Central Time and can be located in the LeDoux Library, Room 105.

Training and Resources

Faculty and staff are responsible for ensuring that all information posted on a website or within Moodle/myCourses is accessible. This Online Accessibility website provides information on how to accomplish the responsibility.

Reporting an Issue

Any issues or suggestions for improvements may be reported here to the Office of Disability Services.