Brick Campaign

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Why is our LSU Eunice 40th Anniversary Commemorative Brick Plaza so special? Because it honors our students; our alumni; our faculty and staff; our families and friends.

For many of you, LSU Eunice was a home for a few years - a place where you lived, learned, worked and played. For some, it is where you fell in love, or out of love or formed lifelong friendships. For others, it's a place where your children and grandchildren got their first taste of academic life.

When you see LSU Eunice, you connect once again to its 40-year history, traditions and pride. When you walk across the campus and stroll under the live oak trees, you walk through the backdrop to hundreds of stories and remembered faces.

Adding a brick plaza added to the character, familiarity and warmth of a campus you've already grown to treasure. With Phase I completed, the LSU Eunice Foundation is ready to embark on the next phase: an additional brick plaza containing a bell and clock tower.

Help LSU Eunice create a lasting legacy . . . support the brick/clock tower campaign as it enters Phase II. You can purchase a brick, endow an oak tree, purchase benches or simply make a donation toward the project.

To purchase a brick, please call 337-457-6140.

The LSU Eunice Foundation reserves the right to determine brick placement within the plaza.