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Students who receive a grade below 70% or C- on a major assignment in either English or mathematics will be required to participate in laboratory instruction for two (2) hours per week until their grades reach 70% (or higher). Information on students who need additional help in any course is passed on to the Director who then monitors student activity electronically. Note that the instructional laboratory is available to all Pathway students at any time, regardless of in-class performance. Please take advantage of the instructional laboratory before grades decline.

Additional Information

Students are enrolled in the program for as little as two semesters and typically begin taking their college level courses prior to completing the program. Any course beginning with a zero (0) does not count toward a degree. These developmental courses boost the students' knowledge and skills in particular areas of study, which allows them to progress into their college level courses. Three to 12 credit semester hours may be taken while in the Pathways to Success program.

While developmental courses do not count toward a degree, they do count in the student's GPA (Grade Point Average). Students must pass a course with a C or better in order to progress to the next class. As with many of the courses, students need to strive toward obtaining a grade of A or B in developmental classes in order to have an adequate foundation to progress to college level courses.

A math placement exam is given at posted times, generally prior to orientation. Students who have a math ACT sub-score of 18 and below and who wish to bypass Pre-Algebra (MATH 0001) may take the test to be placed in Introductory Algebra (MATH 0015) or Intermediate Algebra (MATH0021). Students with an ACT sub-score of 19 or better in mathematics may enroll in college level mathematics courses (MATH1015, MATH1020, or MATH1021). Students may enroll in ENGL 1001 if they have an English ACT score of 18 or higher.

Financial Aid can be applied toward developmental courses. Please see our Financial Aid Office about the limit of developmental courses for which a student can receive aid.