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We're committed to ending sexual violence, and creating and maintaining a community of respect.  Learn about survivor options for support, reporting, and training and education opportunities for the LSU community.

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Ms. Jacqueline Lachapelle
Title IX Campus Coordinator
(337) 550-1283
Dr. Anthony Mumphrey Center, Room 110

Ms. Courtney Fruge
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(337) 550-1201
Science Building Room 112

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator exists to:

  • Enforce the university’s sex-based discrimination policies
  • Educate the community about our policies and practices
  • Connect people to resources that can support them if they experience discrimination or retaliation
  • Listen to the concerns of the campus community

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator also addresses concerns related to PM-73, Louisiana State University’s policy on sexual misconduct. This policy includes:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Dating and interpersonal violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Retaliation

In addition, the Office of the Title IX Coordinator responds to Title IX matters that are not included in PM-73 such as pregnancy or parenting, access and participation, and sex (or perceived sex).


Consent is the clear, knowing and voluntary demonstration, through mutually understandable words or actions, of willingness to engage in a specific sexual activity and any conditions on the activity. It is active, not passive, and silence, absent actions evidencing permission, is not consent.   Responsibility for obtaining consent lies with the individual initiating the sexual activity. Consent can be withdrawn by any person at any time. A current or previous consensual intimate relationship between people does not imply consent.  To give consent, a person must be of legal age. Consent cannot be obtained through coercion, fraud, or from a person who an alleged offender knows or should reasonably know is incapacitated.

Sexual misconduct is a sexual act or contact of a sexual nature that occurs, regardless of personal relationship, without the consent of the other person(s), or that occurs when the person(s) is unable to give consent or whose consent is coerced or obtained in a fraudulent manner.   Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to, sexual abuse, violence of a sexual nature, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual intercourse, sexual exploitation, video voyeurism, or the obtaining, posting or disclosure of intimate descriptions, photos, or videos without the express consent of the persons depicted therein, as well as dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. 

LSUE Title IX Taskforce

  • Ms. Courtney Fruge
  • Ms. Hannah Henry
  • Mr. Jeff Willis
  • Ms. Victoria Throop
  • Mr. Joseph Lalonde
  • Dr. Doug Narby
  • Ms. Kathleen Warner.

Confidential Advisors

  • Dr. Doug Narby
  • Ms. Kathleen Warner


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