About Police and Security

With the assistance and guidance of the LSU Police Department in Baton Rouge, LA, the LSUE Police Department was established effective October, 2015. 

The LSUE Director of Police reports to the Chancellor of LSUE.  LSUE Police works closely with local public safety agencies, as well as other police departments throughout the LSU campuses to enhance the safety and security of the campus.

Presently having two police officers (one of which is the LSUE Director of Police), the LSUE Police Department looks to expand the number of police personnel in the future to serve the LSUE community. LSUE Police Officers are Louisiana POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified and commissioned with statewide arrest authority per Louisiana Revised Statute 17:1805, as will all future LSUE Police Officers. The LSUE Director of Police, and future officers, receive training that exceeds state standards and will maintain open communication with our community while continuously striving to promote safety and crime prevention.

Another component to LSUE Police/Security are the Campus Security Officers who work under the supervision of the LSUE Director of Police.  Campus Security provides a range of services, including dissemination of public safety information, emergency response, crime prevention services, as well as parking enforcement and physical security checks of the campus.

LSUE Police and Security works with the Office of Student Affairs and other departments on campus for the betterment of the community we serve.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to report all crimes or suspicious activity to the LSUE Police & Security Office as soon as possible.

If it is an emergency call 911.

LSU Eunice and the LSUE Police are dedicated to providing a peaceful and safe environment.