Fees Glossary

These funds are used to enhance academic excellence, including the hiring of faculty to teach additional course sections needed to meet student needs, operation of instructional facilities and instructional and technology equipment. This fee is not TOPS-eligible.

This fee is to pay for the diploma and to cover the cost of the Exit (Peregrine) Exam that students graduating with an associate degree must take.

The athletic fee was established in 1998 through a student referendum and is used to support the operations of the athletic program.

The proceeds of the fee are used to construct, acquire, repair, maintain, operate, or improve the facilities and physical infrastructure of the institution. This fee is not TOPS-eligible.

This fee is utilized to pay for consumable supplies for labs and studio courses.

Funds from this fee are for the administrative processing/transcripting cost for credit granted based on standardized test scores. Part of the fee is utilized for course credit when materials are evaluated by subject area experts or exams designed, administered, and graded.

This fee is utilized to help pay general university costs.

The revenue associated with this fee allows the dining service provider to enhance and expand dining services.

The funds from the utility surcharge fee are used to help offset a portion of utility cost increase.

A nonrefundable fee assessed for the completion of the admission and enrollment process.

The late registration fee is assessed to all students who fail to register for classes during the open registration and wish to enroll during the late registration period.

This fee supports the operational and capital needs of the math labs.

This fee is charged to students who are not a resident of Louisiana.

Funds from this fee are to pay for advising, access to library resources, and technical assistance associated with on line courses, and other support costs.

The operational fee was imposed by the 2004 Legislature to cover unfunded state mandates which include increases in retirement system costs and health insurance costs not funded through the state general fund appropriation and for the enhancement of instructional programs. This fee is not TOPS eligible.

The orientation fee is for costs associated with the orientation program.

This fee is for students registering to obtain a degree, but not enrolled in classes.

This fee is to support the SGA, which is the student leadership for the student body.

Funds from this fee are to support Phi Theta Kappa (two-year university honor society), which offers a variety of leadership opportunities for students including regional/national conferences, educational forums, and access to the PTK Honors Institution.

This fee provides financial assistance to create, expand or enrich recreational sports club teams, intramural activities, cheerleading, performing arts opportunities, speech/debate activities, and other LSUE sanctioned student organizations.

The revenue from this fee goes to academic and student support initiatives for the purpose of enhancing the student experience. Funds are used for additional instructors, supplemental instruction with the intent to increase retention and graduation rates, and also for new program development. The Student Excellence Fee is not covered by TOPS.

This fee is used primarily for student newspaper/media.

The student union fee provides for upkeep, enhancement, and expansion of facilities and holdings.

The proceeds of the technology fee are used for the purposes of implementing, replacing, improving, and expanding technologies to benefit student life and learning. "Technologies" includes, but is not limited to instructional and laboratory equipment and the networking and supporting computer and telecommunications infrastructure necessary to support these activities.

This fee is for the processing of transcripts.

A charge to students for instructional services that may be charged per term, per course, or per credit. Tuition does not include student activity or special user fees, the additional charge based on distinctions between resident and nonresident students, special course fees and fees for other services.

Funds from this fee help to provide for student activities such as intramural sports, guest lecturers, professional entertainment, etc...

The vehicle registration fee supports parking lot and street construction, repairs & maintenance and other related items such as support personnel involved in parking lot maintenance and security.