How to Start a New Student Organization

Starting a new student organization at LSUE takes work, determination, vision, and passion, but it is not difficult.  Whether you know exactly what you want to do or simply have some vague ideas, with the proper guidance from an advisor and the Office of Student Affairs, a new student organization can flourish and make a lasting, positive impact on current and future generations of students at LSUE.

Here is how to start a new student organization.

STEP 1: Recruit Members

You need a minimum of six (6) total students to start an organization.  Every organization needs at minimum two officers: President and Vice President.  To recruit members, you should participate in New Student Orientation and the Information and Resources Fairs, which are held during Week of Welcome each Fall and Spring semester.  You can post flyers around with information on how to contact you if students want to get involved.  If you are having difficulty, the Office of Student Affairs will help you get the word out to help you recruit members.

STEP 2: Find an Advisor

Most staff and faculty members want to be involved and want to be a part of student life on campus, but they just don't know how.  You just need to ask.  The worst they can say is, "No."  If you need help selecting a faculty or staff advisor, consult with the Office of Student Activities for assistance.

STEP 3: Create a Constitution

A constitution is the governing document that guides the organization’s essential operations.  A Constitution is required for your organization to be registered.  The Student Organization Handbook has some very helpful information about constitution creation, including what information is required and some options for you to consider when creating your constitution.  Click HERE to download an editable template constitution from which you can create your own constitution to fit your organization’s needs.  When your constitution is finished, simply email the finished document to 

STEP 4: Submit the New Student Organization Registration Form

This is an online form that asks for some basic information about the advisor, the officers, the members, and the organization.  After you have completed Steps 1, 2, and 3, you simply need to submit this form.  You will receive a response from the Office of Student Activities with an approval or denial of your organization's registration.  If there is any missing or unclear information, you will be contacted.  Don't forget to email in the final draft of the constitution as stated in Step 3.

new student organization registration form

Need Help?

It is easy to get stuck. If you need help recruiting members, finding an advisor, or writing your constitution, contact the Office of Student Affairs.