Campus Event Evaluation Form

This form is intended for student organizations to use to evaluate their campus events, activities, and/or programs to report financial impact, assess successes/challenges, and make recommendations for future improvement.

After this form is completed, a copy of the evaluation is emailed to the person submitting the form and the Office of Student Affairs.

If you have any event pictures, sign-in sheets, survey results, or other documents, please submit those to Student Affairs in person (A-112) or via email ( to be kept on file with this evaluation.

Enter the names of other organization members who were primarily involved in planning and hosting the event.
Was attendance recorded or estimated?
What went well? What were the highlights of the event that made it successful?
What went wrong? What could have been done better?
Would you host this event again?

Learning outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that participants have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate at the end of a program or event.  These should be established prior to the event, and the event should be planned with consideration for how assessing the successful achievement of the outcome after the event will be accomplished.
Outcome #1 Status:
Outcome #2 Status:
Check all that were purchased.