Regulation of Vehicular Traffic


All motor vehicles operating on the LSU Eunice campus must have a registration decal. Student decals must be placed on the left rear bumper or on the left side of the rear windshield (affix on the outside glass). If the decal is not properly affixed, the vehicle will be ticketed. Vehicles with decals that have been cut, altered or defaced will be issued a ticket. Faculty and Staff are issued hangtags.

decal on car

Vehicles must be registered by the end of the first week of classes. Anyone who temporarily needs to bring a vehicle on campus other than the one registered should obtain a temporary permit from the LSU Eunice Police and Campus Security Office located in the Science Building Room 138. In order to obtain a temporary permit, a vehicle must be currently registered.

Decals designate the areas in which vehicles are to be parked. Student decals permit students to park in any parking areas designated for students on a first come, first served basis.

Students parking inside of the Bengal Village Apartment complex must have a specific LSU Eunice Bengal Village Decal. This decal is valid for parking in student parking areas throughout the campus.

Faculty, Staff, and Students: To register your vehicle

  1. Log into your myLSUE account.
  2. Select the Student Services tab.
  3. Enter all vehicle information required. All previously registered vehicles MUST BE UPDATED EACH FALL SEMESTER
  4. Click the “ADD” or “UPDATE” button on the webpage and get a "successful” message.
  5. Go to the LSUE Business Office customer window next to Room 115 of the Science Building to pickup and pay for your decal. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
  6. The registration fee is $60 for Fall Semester, $40 for the Spring Semester and $10 for the Summer Semester.


  1. It is the responsibility of all persons operating motor vehicles on campus to learn and obey traffic and parking regulations.

  2. Pedestrians only have the right of way when within marked crosswalk areas.

  3. Unless a different limit is posted, the speed limit is 15 mph on all campus streets and 10 mph in parking areas. Drivers must adjust their speed to less than these limits when conditions so indicate.

  4. Vehicles must park in areas specifically designated for vehicles bearing a particular decal. Parking decals are issued for students and hangtags for employees. Parking is permitted only in lots and on one side of Center Street (faculty and staff parking). Parking along other streets is not permitted. Vans and over-size or regular-size trucks are not allowed to park on Center Street. Please be especially careful on Center Street. Drivers backing out or individuals walking between cars should be on the alert for oncoming traffic.

  5. Vehicles must follow established traffic routes (indicated by arrows) in parking lots. Cutting across lots is not permitted.

  6. Vehicles must be centered in marked parking spaces.

  7. Vehicles must not be backed into parking spaces on lots. Drivers should not pull across one parking space to reach the opposite space. Backing into a space or pulling across to an opposite space leaves the parked vehicle illegally facing against the flow of traffic. Authorized Emergency Vehicles are exempt.

  8. Vehicles must be registered by the end of the first full week of classes.

  9. Vehicle decals are valid from the date the car is registered until the following August 15.

  10. Vehicles must stop at all stop signs


Those in need of a handicapped sticker should request one at LSU Eunice Police and Campus Security office. Proper documentation is required. If documentation cannot be provided, the student, faculty, or staff member will be directed to Student Support Services to meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services


Failure to register a vehicle: $25

Illegal parking: $25

Moving violation: $25

Illegal parking in handicapped space: $75

Cutting, altering, or defacing decal: $25

Vehicles receiving three or more tickets may be banned from operating on the LSU Eunice campus.


A form to appeal parking and traffic tickets may be obtained in person from the Office of Student Affairs, Room 112 of the Acadian Center or you can access the form here.


Note that the speed limit on LSUE Drive from the Maple Avenue intersection is 35 mph.

Caution: Trains still use the railway line crossing Highway 3123 immediately before the intersection with Highway 13 south of LSU Eunice. Do not take a chance at any crossing. Check carefully at all railroad crossings.