Academic Bankruptcy

Under specified conditions, undergraduate students who have interrupted their college careers for a period of at least three (3) consecutive calendar years may declare academic bankruptcy. Students must apply for academic bankruptcy within one calendar year from the start date of their first semester of enrollment or readmission as regular students to LSU Eunice subsequent to the three (3)-year period resulting in eligibility for the academic bankruptcy option.

Under this policy, college-level work done at an earlier date is eliminated from computation of the grade-point average and cannot be applied toward a degree at LSU Eunice. Such work, however, will not be removed from students’ scholastic records and transcripts. Academic bankruptcy may be declared only once and, once declared, may not be reversed. Students qualifying for academic bankruptcy are admitted on scholastic probation. Students should be aware that not all colleges and universities recognized academic bankruptcy policies of another institution, and may consider all courses previously attempted when determining admissibility or establishing a transfer grade point average.

Academic bankruptcy declared at any other institution will be evaluated on an individual basis upon the student’s admission to LSU Eunice. Students may obtain details on this policy from their academic division head or the Office of the Registrar. The form necessary to apply for academic bankruptcy can be found here.