Transfer Programs

Louisiana State University Eunice is a two-year campus of the LSU System. LSU Eunice offers programs both for those students who want to prepare for a career in only two years by earning an associate degree or certificate and for those who want to transfer to a four-year college to complete a baccalaureate degree. Students planning to transfer can begin their college programs at a small, friendly school that emphasizes academic excellence but that also provides counseling, tutoring, and other support to help them succeed. Credits earned at LSU Eunice can be transferred to any university in the nation.

Programs in Most Fields
Transfer programs are available in most academic majors. Students usually can complete their freshman and sophomore years at LSU Eunice before transferring. In some areas, such as pre-medicine, they can earn additional credits at LSUE beyond the sophomore year. In a few others, such as music, LSU Eunice does not offer transfer programs.   

Transfer Agreements with Other Universities
LSU Eunice has detailed written transfer agreements with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and McNeese State University. Course numbers at LSUE are the same as those used on the LSU A & M campus in Baton Rouge, further simplifying the transfer process.  In addition, the Board of Regents, the overall coordinating authority for higher education in Louisiana, maintains a “crosswalk” listing general education courses that are transferable at colleges throughout the state. Scheduling transfer courses for other colleges is also usually easy because LSU Eunice offers the standard classes included in most college curricula across the country.

Excellent Teachers and Facilities
As a comprehensive two-year college, LSU Eunice’s primary mission is to provide excellent instruction in each class throughout a student’s program. LSU Eunice recruits nationwide to find the best teachers. Faculty members have the experience, preparation, and dedication to help students succeed. Teachers are also readily available outside of class. All faculty members schedule at least 10 office hours each week for student conferences.

Freshman and sophomore students get hands-on experience using state-of-the-art personal computers. LSU Eunice has been  ranked as one of the top 100 “most wired” two-year campuses based on a survey carried out by the most widely used Internet platform. LSU Eunice students carry out experiments and other exercises in well-equipped science laboratories, and they have an opportunity to use a variety of other excellent facilities.

Degrees for Transfer Students
The associate of arts and associate of science degrees are designed specifically for students who want to complete their freshman and sophomore years at LSUE before transferring to a four-year college or university to finish a bachelor’s degree. Students planning to enroll in a professional school after completing entrance requirements at LSUE can also earn these associate degrees. Receiving an LSUE associate degree offers several advantages:

  • When you complete your undergraduate program, you will have two degrees instead of one, providing additional evidence of your attainments.
  • Your associate degree will be official recognition that you have completed a college-level undergraduate program. If for some reason you have to delay finishing your bachelor’s degree, you will already have a college diploma as proof of your educational achievements.
  • As an LSU Eunice student, you will receive strong preparation at a college where teaching excellence is the top priority
  • You will be able to pursue your associate degree while staying on track with the requirements of the bachelor’s degree program at the transfer institution.

Description of Degrees
Both the associate of arts and the associate of science degree programs include a core of courses that are also required in all bachelor’s degree programs at public colleges throughout Louisiana. Students will complete required courses in English, mathematics, natural sciences, art, humanities, and social science. The associate of arts curriculum specifies three more credits in both the humanities and the social sciences than does the associate of science degree. The associate of science degree requires six more credits in natural sciences but reduces the requirements in humanities and social sciences. Both degrees include 21 credits of elective courses that students will choose based on the requirements of the baccalaureate program into which they plan to transfer.

Associate of General Studies Degree
In addition to the associate degrees in arts and in science, LSU Eunice offers the associate of general studies degree, a flexible program that can fit the needs of students who want a terminal degree but that is also an option for transfer students. Students must meet certain basic requirements, but they are free to select other courses for career preparation, self-improvement, or cultural enrichment. They may choose an area of concentration in the liberal arts, the sciences, business, or even certain technical fields. The curriculum may serve as a terminal degree program for students who wish to fulfill cultural or vocational objectives. For transfer students, it may also serve as a foundation for subsequent work toward a bachelor’s degree. In consultation with an advisor, students arrange a program of study to meet their individual needs. For details, see the LSUE Catalog.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette Elementary Education Degree Program Offered on the LSU Eunice Campus
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides LSU Eunice students majoring in elementary education an opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree on the LSUE campus. Under this cooperative program, freshman and sophomore courses are provided by LSU Eunice, and UL-Lafayette provides the junior and senior courses in the elementary education degree program.

The LSU Eunice Catalog includes the freshman and sophomore curriculum for students planning to continue on to earn the elementary education degree by attending UL-Lafayette classes offered on the LSUE campus.

In order to enroll in upper-level courses, LSU Eunice students must apply for admission and be formally admitted into the UL-Lafayette teacher education program. For more information on this cooperative program, contact the coordinator of the UL-Lafayette elementary education program in Room 236 of Manuel Hall on the LSU Eunice campus or call (337) 550-1368.

Northwestern Bachelor’s Degree Program in Criminal Justice on the LSU Eunice Campus
Through an agreement with Northwestern State University, LSU Eunice students who complete the associate of science degree in criminal justice can apply their two years of credits toward the remaining two years of course work to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Northwestern State University. All of the remaining courses required for the bachelor’s degree will be offered online via the Internet by Northwestern, so students can remain at home while working toward a four-year degree. Northwestern offers tuition reduction for students employed full-time as law enforcement officers. Both LSU Eunice and Northwestern adhere to the curriculum standards of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.