Fire Service Technology
Fire Service Technology


The Fire Service Technology program introduces students to a wide range of common practices and careers in the fire and emergency services field. Additionally, it prepares and develops professionals currently serving in the industry for opportunities in various fire protection and emergency response occupations. The Fire Service Technology program presents a broad scope of courses including principles and techniques of preventing, controlling, and extinguishing fires, as well as firefighter operations, maintenance of firefighting equipment, and public safety technology. Students can also expect to learn about fire tactical procedures, along with applicable laws and standards in the field.

About the Certificate of Technical Studies in Fire Service Technology

  • The science of how fires begin and behave
  • Methods of fire prevention and suppression
  • Safety and survival in emergency situations
  • Building codes and building inspection

Graduates can work in a variety of settings including:

  • Federal, state, and local firefighting organizations
  • Emergency Management organizations
  • Private industries


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Public Protection and Safety



The courses and degree are available both in-person and in hybrid formats.