Natural Sciences


Students can prepare in many fields for highly rewarding careers in only two to three years of concentrated study.  Associate degree programs are offered in many areas at LSUE, and graduates of these programs are actively sought by employers throughout the state and nation.


physical science

Natural Sciences - Physical Sciences (Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer)

You are curious about the structure of the universe on a fundamental level.


Transfer Majors

LSUE also offers the following majors for transfer to a four-year college or university of your choosing to finish your degree.  Take a few classes just to get started or even complete an associate degree at LSUE first and then transfer to another institution to finish your degree. 


Study ways to improve crops and discover new crossbreeds of plants, and learn the latest approaches to the cultivation, marketing, and processing of ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables.

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Basic Sciences - Undecided

Take a variety of science courses including coursework in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, natural resources, and other approved sciences.

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This interdisciplinary area of study underlies many of the most cutting-edge breakthroughs in understanding life processes and is critical to modern medicine, so even as an undergraduate, you can participate in research that can have real-world implications.

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Botany is the general study of plants and plant-like organisms from microscopic algae to giant redwoods, from mushrooming fungi to flowering angiosperms.

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Learn about the properties and composition of matter and the interactions and alterations of substances.

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Computer Science

Learn the math and theory behind modern-day computing, develop and hone your programming skills, and then use computers to solve problems in almost any industry.

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Entomology - Science

Learn about insects found throughout the natural environment and how to manage them.

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Environmental Health

Includes courses in the environmental and/or public health sciences and allows you to enroll in medical or veterinary school.

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Food & Nutrition

Learn about nutrition and the research, development, packaging, and distribution of our food supply.

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This curriculum is diverse with opportunities to study forest management of hardwood and pine forests, wetlands, wildlife, conservation biology, fisheries, aquaculture, habitat management, or prepare for a career as a wildlife-oriented veterinarian.

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Study everything from the chemistry of groundwater to seismic interpretation of Earth’s subsurface.

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If you’re a natural-born “mathlete,” a degree in mathematics can lead to a career in many exciting areas, including actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, and secondary education.

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In this program, you’ll study the physiology, genetics, ecology, and diversity of microorganisms—like viruses, bacteria, and fungi—and how they impact everything from agriculture to public health and immunology.

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Whether it’s discovering a new particle or blasting a rocket into space, physics is at the root of everything. Here you will learn about energy and matter, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, the birth of the universe, and Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

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Secondary Education - Biology

This allows you to gain knowledge in biology while also earning a certificate in Secondary Education.

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Secondary Education - Chemistry

This allows you to gain knowledge in chemistry while also earning a certificate in Secondary Education.

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Secondary Education - Mathematics

This allows you to gain knowledge in mathematics while also earning a certificate in Secondary Education.

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