Curriculum Development


The purpose of the Curriculum Development Manual is to define Louisiana State University at Eunice policies and procedures concerning the adding, changing, or terminating of course offerings; the adding, changing, and terminating of curricula, certificates, concentrations, minors, and rubrics; and the charge and membership of the Faculty Senate Courses & Curricula Committee.

LSU Eunice Resources

  1. Curriculum Development Manual Current Version (October 5, 2022)
  2. Figure 1. Process Flowchart for the LSU Eunice Courses and Curricula Committee
  3. LSU Eunice Faculty Senate
  4. LSU Eunice Catalog with General Education Outcomes and Course Descriptions
  5. Blank Syllabus Layout Form in Microsoft Word (October 5, 2022)
  6. LSU Eunice Institutional Effectiveness Webpage for Student Learning Outcome Reporting
    1. End of the Semester Blank Reporting Template in Microsoft Word
    2. End of the Semester Reporting Example with Tips on Completion
  7. Attaching a PDF Document to a Courses and Curricula Form
    1. Instructions as a PDF
    2. Instructions as a Video

Courses and Curricula Forms

Please download the appropriate form to be used for a curricular change prior to filling it out.  The form may then be saved to your OneDrive or computer.  The signature content in the forms does not show on the website, but will download with the form. Please contact Dr. Paul Fowler, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation at if there are any issues or questions.

General Resources


Updated October 26, 2022