Modular Math Successful

Data from the recent study of the LSU Eunice Quality Enhancement Plan has proven that the Modular Math Program is working and being embraced by the university's students.

"I think we are on to something here," said Jamie Thibodeaux, Coordinator of Quality Enhancement Plan at LSU Eunice. In the first year of the program, 75 percent of the 208 students enrolled in the developmental modular mathematics courses successfully completed them. This compares to just over half of the 1,262 enrolled in the traditional face-to-face and online sections completing their course.

"We lecture on the first day of class," said Thibidoeaux explaining the modular math concept. "Beyond that, students work at their own pace using our guide."

Students access the course materials through the computer 24/7. This includes lectures, homework, and quizzes. Quizzes and test, however, are password protected and must be taken in the computer labs.

The program is modular in that students learn the material in small chunks and must meet the minimum competency score prior to moving on. Faculty and tutors are in the classroom and laboratory to help students who need assistance.

One of the major advantages to students is that they can complete both developmental math courses in one semester saving themselves time and approximately $410.

"Last year, we had 18 students complete both developmental math classes through the modular method," said Thibodeaux. "Students like the ‘flipped' classroom. All of the modular math class sections are filled to capacity when fall began."

Just recently, one student completed the entire first developmental mathematics course in one week. Tasha Vidrine, a mother of three children, said she spent more than 24 hours outside of class in order the complete the first course.

Success stories like Vidrine's are becoming common in the modular math classroom. Last spring, students opted to visit the math lab during spring break to completer their course rather than take a vacation.

To learn more about LSU Eunice's modular math, email Thibodeaux at

-----September 30, 2013

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