Campus Security Office


Campus Security Office: 550-1225

The Campus Security Office is located in the Acadian Center, Room A-101. Qualifications of guards meet the provisions of Louisiana law.

Campus Security provides a limited range of services, including dissemination of public safety information, accident investigations, emergency response, and crime prevention services. Administrative responsibility for security service for the campus rests with the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services.

Campus Security has jurisdiction on all University facilities, premises, and property. Campus Security reports the number and types of crimes, on a monthly basis, to the LSU Board of Supervisors. These figures are published annually, as a matter of public record, and may be obtained from the Campus Security Office or the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are to report all crimes or suspicious activity to the Campus Security Office, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, or any other administrative office. LSU Eunice is dedicated to preserving a peaceful and safe campus environment.

In order to report a fire, accident, or emergency using a phone in any campus office, dial 9-911 (for assistance from off campus agencies) and then report the emergency to the Campus Security Office by calling ext. 225 or 218 or by contacting any administrative office. After regular business hours, emergencies should be reported on campus by dialing 225 (if no answer, dial 580-0720 or 580-1433). Guards assigned to patrol areas throughout the campus will respond promptly to any call and are in direct radio contact with the municipal fire department, emergency medical services, and police officials.


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