From the Alumni Assocation President



It's an exciting time to be a strong academic performer at LSU Eunice. However, as the economy tightens, paying for higher education becomes increasingly important and more difficult for our students and their families. The LSUE Foundation's Annual Giving campaign is focused on raising funds for the LSU Eunice Scholarships Fund. They have made great strides in securing funding sources and managing available funds for current and future scholarship seekers.

At this time, I invite potential donors to invest in tomorrow, today, by assisting with educating our future leaders. I also strongly encourage future and current students to take the time to apply for scholarships that will propel the completion of their priceless education and limitless opportunities.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards!
Jesse L. Guillory
President - LSU Eunice Alumni Association

Alumni Spotlights

"I am proud to tell all I meet about my experience here at LSUE. From teachers to facility, everyone was wonderful and always willing to help. I am excited to take all that I have learned out into the business world, yet I will miss LSUE, teachers, faculty, and friends.

Thanks to everyone who helped me be who I am today."
- Donna M. Zurigo