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Real-Time Remote Assistance:
IT Staff members can connect to your PC remotely to assist with issues.

Email us:

Telephone: (337) 550-1307

Fax: (337) 550-1396

Training Opportunities

Custom Training
IT offers customized training for individuals, small groups, or entire departments. Let us know what you need and we will design a session for you. Schedule yours today.

Learning @ Lunch
IT Staff periodically hold Learning @ Lunch sessions to discuss new technologies. Interaction and sharing is highly encouraged. Watch your email for future sessions.

Requesting an Account

All new employees are asked to complete an Account Request Form / Computing Usage Agreement at the time they visit Human Resources. If for whatever reason you missed this step, please download and complete the form from here, and forward it to the Office of Information Technology.

Requesting Technical Assistance

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the computer or printer in my office? Please call Sandra at Extension 307. She will take the specifics related to the issue and pass you along to an appropriate IT staff member specializing in that area. I recommend you email issues to This allows you to be more specific in your request and will provide both you and us with better records of ongoing issues. Email is checked by IT staff members continuously throughout the day. In many cases you may receive faster response via email than by phone. All IT staff have paging devices allowing them to be reached when outside the office.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with classroom technology such as carts, projectors, etc.? Again, please call Sandra at Extension 307 or email The Office of Information has two staff members dedicated to the support of academic users and resources on campus. If you should call regarding an issue in a classroom or lab please make sure you let us know whether or not you are currently in the room, if you would like for someone to come immediately or wait until after class, and when you will be available if IT needs assistance in recreating the problem. Classroom and Lab issues take priority over all other current calls with the exception of campus-wide network issues. If not already working a previously reported issue, IT staff will respond to such calls immediately. Please, do not assume someone else has already reported a problem.

I have previously reported a problem but it is not yet fixed. IT staff members should keep you updated as to the status of your issue. Many items can be corrected immediately, some may require minor research and could take a couple of hours, while others might be major and could span an extended period of time. IT keeps selected backup equipment and supplies on hand where feasible and appropriate. Items such as toner cartridges and projector bulbs are kept on hand for emergencies. Spare projectors and even backup printers are also available. There are cases, such as the specialized equipment found in campus auditoriums that due to the expense, it is not possible to keep backup units on hand. In most cases there is redundancy built into these facilities that will allow users to keep working. When freak instances occur and multiple items fail or replacement parts are backordered, we will work with users of those facilities to temporarily meet your needs through other means.

I have an ongoing problem and I am not a satisfied customer. Who can I see? Please stop by the office and visit with us. If you have a specific item that needs immediate attention please contact Fred Fruge, Director of IT. Problems will be researched and resolutions achieved as quickly as possible. The Office of Information Technology is serious about customer service and satisfaction. We are not satisfied until you are happy with the resolution to your problem.