Pathways to Success Curriculum

This mandatory one-year program consists of writing skills (English 0001), quantitative skills (Mathematics 0001 and 0002), an orientation to university studies (University Studies 1005), critical reading (University Studies 0008), and approved electives in several different academic disciplines. Students who are placed into Pathways to Success automatically upon admission will follow a prearranged set of classes as indicated below and are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester.

First Semester
Second Semester
UNIV1005 Orientation to University Studies
UNIV0008 College Reading
ENGL0001 English Composition
ENGL1001 English Composition

MATH0001 Pre-Algebra or
MATH0002 Intro to Algebra
(depending on initial placement)

MATH0002 Intro to Algebra or
MATH1021 College Algebra or
MATH1015 Applied College Algebra
(depending on initial placement)

Pre-approved elective
Pre-approved elective

Note: Courses in regular text are Pathways to Success core courses and must be completed in the sequence shown with a grade of C or better to progress to the next Pathways course. Courses in italics are general education courses (consult the current LSU Eunice Catalog for appropriate prerequisites).

Other program components include mandatory orientation to the university and program, class attendance, tutoring, and academic advising. Students may contact Office of Developmental Education at 337-550-1433 for more information.

Other courses may be taken according to one's major field of study. These include:

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
Introduction to Business
CJ  1107
Introduction to Criminal Justice
CPS 1001
Computer Literacy
Fundamentals of Communication
BIT 2000
Economics of Social Issues
General Biology

Note: *Second semester students only.