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LSU Eunice Performing Arts Presents Duo

"Los Gringos Calentanos" a duo composed of Tina Pilione on guitar and Paul Anastasio on fiddle will perform October 29 at 6:30 in the Health Technology Building on the LSU Eunice campus as part of the LSU Eunice Performing Arts Series.

The pair, fresh off their Black Pot Festival performance, will present music from the isolated region of Tierra Caliente, Mexico.

Tierra Caliente was home to genius violinist Juan Reynoso. Anastasio, who studied with Juan for more than 10 years and transcribed his over 500 piece repertoir; and Pilione, a student of Juan's for 5 years, present the diverse forms of the music known as Calentano.

Some of the pieces played in the region they call Tierra Caliente are known throughout Mexico, but most are part of an exclusively regional repertoire. Musicologists are most familiar with the region's sones and gustos, two styles of 6/8 dance music, but musicians there also play waltzes, pasodobles, foxtrots, boleros, danzones, tangos, marches, polkas, swing pieces and minuets.

The event is free to LSU Eunice students, $4.00 general audiences, and $3.00 children. Tickets may be purchased at the LSU Eunice Business Office located in the Science Building on the campus or at the door.

Upcoming in November
At noon on November 2, the Performing Arts Series will host Ken Waldman, a poet and fiddle player who will offer his experiences about writing and publishing. He will also present his original music, stories and poetry. Waldman's presentation will be held in Room 127 of the Acadian Center on the LSU Eunice campus.

For additional information, please call 337-457-1510, or see performing_arts .