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Library offers Video on Demand

LSU Eunice's Library Director Gerald Patout announced that new digital content was added this week to the university's subscription to Films on Demand.

Films on Demand is a comprehensive collection of high-quality educational videos licensed from a long established educational media distributor. More than 7,500 videos cover a wide range of topics organized into multiple broad subjects. These subjects are then further divided into narrower subject. Individual segments subdivide each video into discrete shorter units.

"Films on Demand now adds noteworthy and immediately accessible ‘digital content' to our library holdings that was once relegated to borrowing videocassette players and equipment and other time consuming steps that have all been replaced with an instantaneous click of the mouse from the computer keyboard or electronic device," said Patout.

The archives of films are accessible to students and faculty members thru their university ID. The Films on Demand site can be accessed by following the link found under the Additional Electronic Resources heading at .

"Looking for video information on Jackie Kennedy charming the French and you got it," said Patout. "That simple, that accessible. History and culture at your fingertips."
These videos can be viewed in the classroom or on home computer without ever having to make a trip to the Library for check out or return. All that is needed to watch the video on your desktop is Adobe Flash Player installed on a computer.

The videos cover a wide range of subjects from Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Health, and Science.