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URSI 2012 Poster Symposium

The 2012 URSI Poster Symposium will be held in the Louisiana Room of the LeDoux Library on Friday, September 28. Doors will open at 11:30am for poster viewing. Presentations by the teams will start promptly at NOON.

URSI, the Undergraduate Research Summer Institute, has been part of the LSU Eunice campus since being introduced by Chancellor William Nunez over fifteen years ago. Students at a two-year college are offered an opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on valuable research initiatives.

"URSI has enabled me to look into furthering my education in the Cath Lab," noted Jade Latiolais, student Radiologer. Latiolais' project explores a new technology, the Latch Catheter, which has special appeal. It is the brainchild of her father who works at Opelousas General Hospital in the Cath Lab.

Emily Morgan, Respiratory Therapy student, also understands how beneficial the experience has been as she prepares to enter the healthcare field. "I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to research and learn so much about such a significant healthcare topic facing today's society. Since I will be graduating in December, the knowledge I have gained from working on the URSI project will be extremely beneficial to me."

Morgan and Latiolais are members of two of the four URSI 2012 teams, which include: Dr. Chad Huval and student Peyton Roteff: "Melting Investigation of Enantiomeric Mixtures;" Instructor Kathleen Warner and student Emily Morgan: "Would you like some champagne with that Sir? CMS to Base Reimbursement on Patient Satisfaction Survey Results;" Instructor Camille Lavigne and student Jade Latiolais: "New Heart Catheterization Lab Technology;" and Instructor Danielle Bertrand and student Kristi Broussard Leger: "Aortic Aneurysm Testing."

Faculty, staff, students and the public are invited to the sypmpsium to hear brief overviews of the research projects. The LSUE Foundation hosts the annual event with the support of SLEMCO, as well as private donations.