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CALL Promotes New Online Readiness Assessment

LAFAYETTE - The Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana, sponsored by the Louisiana Board of Regents, is releasing a new online assessment tool that provides a comprehensive look at online learning readiness for each adult learner who accesses and uses the tool.

LSU Eunice and five other state university offer online degrees for Louisiana adult learners interested in returning to college to finish their degrees. CALL is a joint initiative between the Louisiana Board of Regents and the Southern Regional Education Board aimed at making it easier for Louisiana adults to enroll at a Louisiana public college or university and earn a degree.

The SmarterMeasure Assessment is more comprehensive readiness tool than the instrument previously used by CALL. The purpose is to give an overview and provide recommendations for potential adult students.

Potential learners can take the self-assessment by using login information provided on the site. Assessment results are emailed to the potential adult student to use in preparing for returning to the college. Through research conducted last year through a partnerships with the LSU Life Course and Aging Center, CALL staff learned that a readiness assessments for online and college learning are experiences desired by prospective adult learners.

"Adults are experienced shoppers. They are returning to college for fulfillment first and job eligibility second, but also to improve their own skills. It is imperative to give them a way to assess their current skills," said Luke Dowden, Executive Director of the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana. "Adults are investing their own financial resources for the most part. We want to ensure Louisiana's potential adults students can have some comfort in their decision with targeted guidance for how they can be more successful."

The SmarterMeasure tool will test a user's understanding of their own personal skills and environment, reading and typing abilities, technical competency, and finally technical knowledge. The tool will then give an overview of the test taker's abilities and how it relates to online learning.

"Overall, it is an impressive tool that acts as a barometer for adults looking to gauge their readiness and fit for online learning. It addresses key competencies and stylistic factors that can make a significant difference to the educational success of an adult learner," said Dr. Tracey Rizzuto, lead research partner from the LSU Life Course and Aging Center.

LSU Eunice offers two online degree programs. Students can earn fast-track associate degrees in Criminal Justice and Fire and Emergency Services.

Prospective students can take the test found at: