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New Honors Course Combines Community Service and Leadership Training

The LSUE Foundation announced the creation of a new Honors Program course for LSU Eunice sophomore Honors students that combines community service and leadership training. The course, HNRS 2300, places qualified students in internship positions with area non-profit agencies. Funding for the program has been provided by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shea of New Iberia. Jerry Shea is a former member of the LSU Board of Supervisors.

Students are assigned to a local organization to intern while familiarizing themselves with its mission, goals, and operation. They are encouraged to offer recommendations to the organizations with the purpose of improving their community impact. To earn credit in the course, weekly diaries are required detailing the experience. An assigned faculty member monitors the student's activities.

Honors Program Director, Dr. Maura Cavell is excited about the new course's potential. "It is our hope that our Honors Program students will demonstrate achievement of skills in problem-solving and decision-making, communication, ethics, social conscience and responsibility, as well as social interaction, and professional development through this program, "she said.

The concept is one which LSU Eunice Chancellor, Dr. William Nunez, is quite familiar. He worked at implementing a similar program over twenty five years ago when he served as Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Missouri Western State University. Following three years of budget cuts to many of the LSU Eunice academic programs, he encouraged Dr. Cavell to work with the LSUE Foundation to start a similar program. He helped secure the funding in an effort to spur further student success.

Keely Bell, LSU Eunice pre-med student, was the first Honors Program recipient to be placed this summer at the Eunice Community Health Care Clinic: "My overall experience at the Community Health Center was great. I am so glad that I was given the chance to participate in this program. It was a good way to experience both the pharmaceutical and clinical side of things, and I have learned so much over these past 7 weeks," said Bell.

For additional information about the program, regional non-profits can contact the LSUE Foundation at 337-550-1257 or