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LSU Eunice Now Tobacco Free

Louisiana State University Eunice has moved forward early on adopting State Act 211 signed by Governor Bobby Jindel in July. The Act calls for college campuses to move toward a tobacco-free campus.

LSU Eunice rolled out their newly revised tobacco policy on January 1 that banned all forms of tobacco on the campus. The policy prohibits all faculty, staff, students, visitors, vendors, contractors, and all others from using tobacco products of any kind (cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, etc.) on any property owned, leased or controlled by the University.

"Based upon the overwhelming scientific evidence, the cessation of tobacco use is an intelligent thing to do; and, frankly, as higher educators, improving upon a student's intelligence and, ultimately, upon the overall quality of their life is what we are all about," said LSU Eunice Chancellor William Nunez. "That's why the campus-wide leadership's endorsement of a ‘No Tobacco Use' policy, makes very good sense for the benefit of everyone at LSU Eunice."

LSU Eunice had phased in a tobacco policy last year that only allowed tobacco use in five designated areas. The newly adopted policy that went into effect January 1, eliminates those areas and bans the use of all tobacco products campus-wide, including Bengal Village apartments and campus parking lots.

Beginning with the Fall of 2014 semester, penalties for violating the policy will be assessed. This will allow for students to become comfortable with the ban and familiar with the policy over the Spring 2014 semester.

The policy is the result of Senate Bill 36 championed by Sen. David Heitmeir, D-Algiers and chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare. The bill called for smoking to be prohibited on all public colleges. The bill was revised and passed by the senate in an overwhelming 31-3 vote. On the first of May, the House of Representatives received and reviewed the bill again; this time it was unanimously approved, 97-0. The bill was signed by Jindal on June 10, 2013 and became Act No. 211.

A full copy of the policy can be found at .

January 12, 2013