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Shakespeare Group to Meet Oct. 16

William Shakespeare is alive and well on the LSU Eunice campus. The Shakespeare Discussion Group has two more meetings during the current semester. The group reads one play a month and/or watches a film of the play. Members gather at 6:00 PM in the Community Education Building, Room 117.

This program is part of OLLI (Osher Lifelone Learning Institute) which offers informal classes and field trips to members. The program serves community members who are at least 50 years of age. Anyone with an interest in Shakespeare is welcome to attend this monthly discussion group.

Once a month on Wednesday evenings, Shakespeare enthusiasts gather. Lively discussion follows. Members offer interpretations of the scenes of the play, the life and times of the author, the strengths and weaknesses of various film versions that members have viewed, myth and fact relating to Shakespeare's works, recurring themes in the plays, and speculation about sources of his stories.

The group has met three times since its inception in late summer. An informal discussion leader, Dr. David Simpson, LSU Eunice Professor Emeritus and former Public Relations Director, offers insights and possible discussion topics to the group as the meeting begins.

"The opportunity to gather with community participants, friends, and colleagues to discuss the acknowledged greatest author in the English language has been both fun and inspiring," said Simpson at the September meeting. "The discussion offers new insights as members share based on their various perspectives,."

Two additional meetings are scheduled:
• Wednesday, October 16: Discussion of Richard III
• Wednesday, November 20: Discussion of Romeo and Juliet

New members are welcome. OLLI membership is currently offered at no cost to community members. Light refreshments are served.

October 2, 2013