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Math During Spring Break?

The usual image that comes to mind when spring break is mentioned is one of students at the beach enjoying themselves not sitting in a computer lab working on assignments. That, however, is what is happening on the LSU Eunice campus this week. Students are voluntarily coming to campus on their spring break to finish or catchup on their classwork in the university's modular math program.

Nine students were in the lab at 9 a.m. on Monday, the first day of their spring break, working on computers and completing math assignments. More than half of the students are attempting to finish MATH 0002 before the end of the semester.

"I just wanted to finish this course so I can focus on other classes," said Mallorie Leger of Iota.

Leger and others in the modular math program have an opportunity to finish two developmental mathematics courses in one semester working at their own pace.

Path 2 Math Success uses computers and video lectures that are available at any time to guide students through MATH 0001 and MATH 0002. An instructor and tutor act in support of the computer lessons, answering questions for students in need. The computer assigns homework based on errors during quizzes. After completing MATH 0001, students pay only $30 for the MATH 0002 if they finish the second course prior to the end of the semester.

Director of Developmental Education Paul Fowler said his department was not planning on opening the Path 2 Math Success labs during the break, but when students began asking, Fowler arranged for the labs to be open and manned.

Students drove in from as far away as Lake Charles to work toward completing the course or to catch up on assignments.

"I'm hoping to complete the course by tomorrow," said Travis Smith of Basile who said he had five chapters left to be complete with MATH 0002. He finished MATH 0001 earlier this semester.


April 14, 2014