Privacy Policy

Statement of Purpose
This On-Line Privacy Policy (the "Policy") sets forth the privacy and security practices of Campus Living Villages, L.P. ("CLV") with respect to information collected from visitors to this website. The Policy contains information about the types of data collected and how such data is used by CLV.

"Personally identifiable information" means information that could be used to name or distinguish an individual conducting business on the CLV Website from others such individuals. Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to: name; address; Social Security Number; credit card, debit card, or bank account information numbers; driver's license number; and e-mail address.

Collection of Information
For transactions conducted on CLV's Website, individuals who wish to complete an on-line Lease Contract will be requested to enter certain personally identifiable information, including a social security number and credit card number, both of which are mandatory to continue the transaction. CLV collects this information in the same manner and for the same reasons as if the transaction were performed in person, or through the mail with CLV. Additional information may be requested if required by law, if such information is necessary to verify an individual's identity and secure the transaction. For all other browsing, visitors are not asked for personally identifiable information, and none will be collected.

Use of Information
Information collected in the course of transactions via the CLV Website are used to conduct online leasing transactions between a visitor and CLV via the CLV Website.

Website Statistics
For site management functions, information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information. E-mail addresses will not be released to outside parties unless we are required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations, legal proceedings, or as otherwise required by applicable state or federal law.
We use log analysis tools to create summary statistics, which are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most interest to visitors, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. The following information is collected for this analysis:

User Client hostname - The hostname (or IP address if DNS is disabled) of the user/client requesting access;

HTTP header, "user-agent" - The user-agent information includes the type of browser, its version, and the operating system it's running on;

HTTP header, "referrer" - The referrer specifies the page from which the client accessed the current page;

System date - The date and time of the user/client request;

Full request - The exact request the user/client made;

Status - The status code the server returned to the user/client;

Content length - The content length in bytes of the document sent to the user/client;

Method - The request method used;

Universal Resource Identifier (URI) - The location of a resource on the server;

Query string of the URI - Anything after the question mark in a URI; and

Protocol - The transport protocol and version used.

E-Mail Protocol
Without the affirmative consent of an affected individual, CLV is prohibited from disclosing the e-mail addresses of members of the public that have communicated electronically with it. Personally identifiable information contained in a question or comment sent electronically to CLV in an e-mail message or submitted in an online form is only used by CLV to respond to the question or comment.

Law Enforcement
CLV may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information to appropriate governmental authorities. CLV will cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who appear to be using its services for illegal activities. CLV reserves the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that officials of CLV in good faith believe to be unlawful.

Personally Identifiable Information
Except as otherwise provided by applicable state or federal law, CLV does not sell or release personally identifiable information.

The CLV Website uses Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") for secure transmissions. SSL applies encryption between two computers, in this case the individual's personal computer and the CLV Website server. The CLV Website utilizes 128-bit encryption, which is the strongest encryption currently standard in the marketplace. As a minimum, the following information will be protected when transmitted via the CLV Website:


Social Security Number;

All credit, debit, and charge card numbers;

Transaction payment information; " Personal identification numbers (PIN) and passwords; and

Date of Birth.

A web browser will automatically activate the appropriate security features when initiating a transaction via the CLV Website. On most browsers, an unbroken key or locked padlock graphic at the bottom of the browser screen indicates that a secure connection is established.

Contact Information
If you have questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us at