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Study Abroad Program Expanded

LSU Eunice has expanded its study abroad program to include a venue for students learning Spanish. The program has previously focused on French students, allowing them the opportunity for advanced study of the language through a month long trip to Montreal, Canada.

Now the program has expanded so that students in Spanish classes will have the same opportunity. Director of the Study Abroad Program, Dr. Oliver Chatelain de Pronville, has added a month-long study abroad trip to San José, Costa Rica to the lineup.

"These Study Abroad Summer Programs are unique chances for students to discover the world, advance their academic levels and broaden their understanding of modern societies and the available options for choices in future studies and careers," said Chatelain de Pronville. "It is also important to know that languages should be regarded as equally essential assets to academic majors because in today's competitive work market, priority is always given to people who are proficient or fluent in more than one language."

Students can enroll in the Study Abroad Program by registering for Spanish 2300 or French 2300 in the summer of 2013. Both are four-credit courses.

In Montreal, students will study at Université du Quebec and will spend the mornings in French class and in the afternoons they will attend cultural activities.

"Students participating in the French immersion program in Montreal will be living 24 hours in French," said Chatelain de Pronville. "When not in school, they will be with interacting and living in French in the French Canadian Culture."

Chatelain de Pronville said, in the previous summer program, his students who started the program with little or no prior knowledge of French could understand the language spoken to them at a consistent pace and response in well-constructed sentences at the end of the four weeks.

In San José, students will study at the Universidad de San José.

"When not in school, [students] will be with their host family speaking Spanish and living in the Costa Rican culture," said Chatelain de Pronville.

Tuition for each of the two courses is $3400 plus a $500 refundable deposit. The tuition covers registration fees, lodging, roundtrip transportation, class materials, application and study abroad fees, insurance and admissions fees for some cultural activities.
For more information on LSU Eunice's Summer Study Abroad Program contact Dr. Olivier Chatelain at and (337) 550-1272 or Dr. Luciane Berg at and (337) 550-1308.