Computer Labs on Campus

The campus has a number of computer labs available for student use. We take great pride on our lab facilities. Each lab is updated on a rotating three year cycle ensuring that students have access to the latest technology. LSUE currently boasts a student to computer ratio of less than 10 to 1. This is much better than the national average.

Computer Labs available for student use are located in the following rooms:

  • Manuel Hall - Rooms: 103, 112, 113, 203
  • Ledoux Library - Rooms: 1st floor reference area, 205, 213
  • Acadian Center - Room: 122
  • Science Building - Room: 224
  • Health Technology Building - Room: 205
  • Community Education Building - Room 201

There are a number of other specialized computing clusters on campus for various academic programs. Please check with your instructors for additional information.


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