Staff Excellence Awards Nomination Form


The LSUE Foundation, through the generous support of Campus Federal Credit Union, is again sponsoring the Staff Excellence Awards, which are designed to recognize and reward superior work performances and outstanding contributions to University operations.

Three staff members (1 clerical/secretarial/typist, 1 skilled crafts/service/maintenance, and 1 other professional) will have their names inscribed on a Staff Incentive Award plaque located in the Science Building. Each recipient will also receive a cash award of $250, to be presented at the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner in April. The plaque and monetary awards are funded through the LSUE Foundation.

University employees designated as “staff” are eligible for the awards (See attached nomination guidelines). Classified and unclassified personnel are eligible. Former recipients may be nominated only after five years have elapsed since receiving this award. Attached is a list of staff eligible for nomination this year. If there are any questions about the list of eligibles, please contact the Human Resources Office.

A nomination form is below.  Nominations should be submitted to the Foundation Office no later than Friday, March 10, 2018.


Staff Members Eligible for the Spring 2018 Award

Amy Greagoff Shelly Haley Marjana Herring
Althea Jackson Jackie Lachapelle Catlyn Lauret
Anna Lege Bert McCoy Angel McGee
Tasha Naquin Damien Papillion Zac Soileau
Jim Veillon Sharon Williams  
Anthony Attole Corey Boone Amanda Bordelon
Mark Dupre Dillard Fair James Fontenot
Dudley Diaville Danny Fontenot Greg Fontenot
Sherry Guillory Rodney LaPoint Daphne LeJeune
Thomas LeJeune Kenneth Moreau Cathleen Scott
Colby Thibodeaux Patricia Thomas  
April Fontenot Denise Foret Lacey Frey
Courtney Fruge Patricia Spears Gaspard Mary Hebert
Tanva Huval Rene Melder Tina Oubre
Shelley Papillion Janet Prudhomme Debbie Reaux
JoAnn Reeves Selina Rene Michelle Richard
Cathy Romaine Kim Smith Linda Thomas


Nomination Form

Your nomination should be brief and to the point. Giving specific illustrations of how this nominee fulfills the indicated categories will be a great aid to the judges, the LSUE Board of Directors, in evaluating the application. A nominee would not necessarily be outstanding in each category. One category may out-weigh another. The nomination should not be a job outline of the duties of the position, but rather should show how the nominee has performed in addition to the requirements of the job. Use additional pages if necessary.