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Math 0001 Record Set

A typical course in college usually takes eight to 15 weeks to complete. Not anymore with Louisiana State University Eunice's new modular mathematics program. Megan Aymond, a second semester student at LSU Eunice, completed the 40-hour course in just three weeks.

"You can work at your own pace finishing two courses in one semester," said Aymond. "Everything is on the computer - the videos show you how to do problems step-by-step, and you have an instructor in the [classroom] if you have questions."

Path 2 Math Success uses computers and video lectures that are available at any time. An instructor and tutor act in support of the computer lessons, answering questions for students in need. The computer assigns homework based on errors during quizzes. Attendance is required.

"The new method of instruction uses computer-based technology - students watch lectures and complete homework online at their own pace with the use of a pacing guide," said Jamie Thibodeaux, instructor of mathematics. "Instead of lecturing, the faculty member and tutors act in a support role often times addressing student questions one-on-one prior to them asking for help.

While the instruction is online, the class is not considered an online course. Students are expected to show up every day for class and take all quizzes in the lab.

"Ms. Aymond is correct. Students can complete two developmental courses in one semester saving both time and money. Students only pay $30 for the second course if they finish the second course prior to the end of the semester," said Thibodeaux. "Students may pick up where they left off providing they register for the course the very next semester if they do not finish in one semester."

Students should search in the schedule of classes for MATH 001 (Modular Format) when scheduling their classes.

"The whole purpose of the project is to increase student learning and decrease time in developmental education," said Dr. Renee Robichaux, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. "In our fall 2013 pre-algebra course, student completion in the modular mathematics section was 13 percent higher when compared to students in the traditional face-to-face sections."

Additional information on LSU Eunice's new mathematics program can be obtained by calling Dr. Paul Fowler at 337-550-1433.

March 5, 2014